Keeping a constant fresh, good quality, clean and safe water supply is imperative in the healthcare environment. This helps to contribute to the safety and wellbeing of patients and with compliance with current health and safety guidelines and local authority regulations.

Hot and cold water systems have to be maintained to ensure the highest hygiene standards and to meet the requirements of not only the Approved Code of Practice L8 (ACoP L8) but also the Safe water in healthcare premises (HTM-04-01).

At ClearFlow, we understand that patient care is a priority and we aim not only to help you remain compliant, help reduce costs, decrease your building’s water consumption but ensure that maintenance and monitoring activities do not have any effect on care environment

ClearFlow specialise in:

  • Disinfection of hot and cold water systems
  • Disinfection of newly installed pipework
  • Legionella risk assessments to ACoP L8/HSG 274
  • ACoP L8/ HSG 274 monitoring programmes
  • Legionella & potable water sampling
  • Pseudomonas sampling
  • Monitoring of heating and chilled water systems
  • Training

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