Water Hygiene

In the event of inadequate water treatment, introduction of foreign bodies or breach of the water system, contaminants and bacteria can cause a real threat to the general public.

Domestic hot and cold water systems can be breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria which is why ClearFlow offers an extensive range of hygiene services to identify any potential risk, provide specific remedial actions and monitor your water system.


All of our works are carried out in accordance with:

  • Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACoP) L8
  • Health and Safety Guidance (HSG) 274
  • Health and Safety Guidance (HSG) 282
  • BS8558
  • BS8580

Our water hygiene services include:

  • Disinfection of hot and cold water systems
  • Disinfection of systems and newly installed pipework
  • Legionella risk assessments
  • ACoP L8/ HSG 274 monitoring programmes
  • Bacteriological sampling


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