Engineering and Remedials

As part of our offering, ClearFlow provide a variety of services designed to promote the upkeep and continued efficiency of water systems.

Through natural influence of normal day to day operation, your system can sustain wear and tear, corrosion, damage and loss of efficiency over time, putting your personnel and premises at risk from contamination, denial of service or sudden hazardous event through breakage and depressurisation.

Our engineering and remedials services include:

  • Tank replacement and refurbishment
  • Deadleg / deadend pipework removal
  • Hot and cold water systems design and installation
  • Pipework replacement
  • Installation of chemical dosing pots

Products & Services

water treatments
We deliver a turnkey service from the pre-commissioning cleaning stages right through to renovation of existing services. Find Out More
We work with our clients to assess
the risk from potential contaminated hot and cold water systems. Find Out More
Our engineering and remedial services cover all of your installation, refurbishment and replacement requirements. Find Out More

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